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    Available 24/7
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    We accept most insurance
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Make RediMD your choice for telemedicine

RediMD makes it possible for you and your family to see a licensed medical professional for most of your primary care needs without leaving your work place or home.


    RediMD provides quality primary care medical service with live, face-to-face diagnosis and treatment via the internet by computer or smartphone. You can see and speak interactively with a medical professional through an office computer, home computer or a smart phone.


    All of our primary care, specialty care and occupational medicine doctors are board certified local doctors


    Choose a convenient date and time or simply select the next available medical provider. Sign on for your appointment and experience a live audio/video visit with your provider.


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About Us

We were founded in 2006 by a group of doctors working with Texas Tech University Health Science Center. We provide telemedicine in primary care, specialty care and workers' compensation systems. We have grown into one of the largest telemedicine providers with hundreds of thousands of registered patients and have won many innovation awards over the years including a 2018 TASB innovation award for our worker's compensation program.

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